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How to take part in World Cleanup Day as a team?

Consider World Cleanup Day on 15 September as a team event

As a result of the waste-mapping an Action Day map will be created that can be used to register yourself (and groups) and find a suitable clean-up location for yourself, starting from mid-August. Come to the clean-up day as a team and get your families, clients and partners involved, too! Spend 15 September together – in addition to a memorable group activity, you will also be doing something for the environment.

Include your partners and community!

Challenge your partners to participate in World Cleanup Day. A good example will stick!

Let people know what you are doing on social media platforms and notify the Estonian World Cleanup Day crew!

Are you taking part in the mapping process and clean-up event? Don’t keep it to yourself: spread awareness via your social media channels! Notify the Estonian World Cleanup Day crew of any other exciting ventures so that we can spread awareness via our own channels. In order to gather information about your activities during the mapping process and clean-up events in relation to World Cleanup Day, we ask you to use the following hashtags on social media:


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